What to see in Bangkok in 2 days

This article looks at the best places to see while in Bangkok if you only have two days 2 days

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has lots to offer its visitors. From the world renowned temples, water ways, architecture, culture, and natural attractions amongst others, Bangkok never disappoints. Here is what you need to do to capitalize as much as possible on the few days you have when visiting Bangkok.

1) Accommodation- where you stay will have an impact on how you enjoy your destination

When planning for a trip, it is always advisable to plan for your accommodation early on. This is especially important since it will influence on your budget, and how you will spend your limited time in Bangkok. If you are only considering a short stay, then apartment may be a viable choice of accommodation. This is because it is cheaper, and you will be charged by the nights you stay. When looking for an apartment, then you should consider Lancaster Bangkok. Not only are their apartments in close proximity to major attractions, but you will also get to enjoy professional hotel services at reasonable prices.

2) Famous temples – enjoy the religious connections of Bangkok

A major attraction in Bangkok is its over 400 temples. As the capital city, Bangkok is home to some of the most famous temples in the world. Some of the renowned ones include the Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, wat Arun, Wat Saket, and Wat Traimit among many others.

3) The National Museum – get to know the historical roots of Thailand

The National Museum in Bangkok stood as the sole museum in Thailand until the mid-1970s. This means that it holds an abundance of artefacts and exhibits that depict the rich history of Thailand.

4) Markets – shop at some of the largest markets in the world

A visit to Bangkok would not be enough without visiting some of the largest markets in the world such as Chatuchak Market, and the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Here you can shop for anything you want. You also get a chance to mingle with the locals and get to know deeper about their way of life.

5) Waterways – explore the city differently

If you want to experience Bangkok differently, then you can take a ride on water taxis. A water taxi gives you a different view of the houses flanking the complex waterways in the city.


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