Things You Must Remember To Do When Eating Thai Food

Just like any other place in the world, Thai has diverse cultural practices which are unique and quite different from other places in the world. One of the key thing notably seen in that place is matters associated with their food and how to eat therefore prompting a need to understand things one must know concerning the same. Food from this place is not only found in this place but also found in other parts of the world such as Royal Lancaster London. Below are some of the considerations to keep in mind when taking Thai food.

The Setting-Where and How to Sit

People sit in a specific order whereby the senior most or the highest ranking in society or the host sits in the middle. In the event where there is a guest, they will sit directly opposite to allow ease in conversing. People should not show their legs while eating. In a restaurant setup by any chance when one is alone they may be asked to join and fill up the next table so as there is interaction and socialism. If offered such, one should adhere to those customs.

Food-Common dishes and ordering

The common dishes in Thai are white rice, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables and are what one will likely get on ordering a cuisine in Royal Lancaster London. One cannot order food for themselves unless they are senior most. Food is ordered by the ladies who are the senior most in the table. If one may want to try some new dish, one can hint to the person ordering the food. Food comes in bits as ordered. If one does not take some foods due to various reasons, one can politely decline the offer since there might be some pressure to try new foods from the place. One should wait till the host tells them to eat or begins eating.

Eating utensils-What to Use and How to Use

Unlike other common Asian countries where they commonly use chopsticks to eat, here chopsticks are used only when taking noodles. The cutlery commonly used is the spoon and fork. The spoon is used to take rice, while the fork manipulates the food for ease while feeding. There is no use of knives. The spoon is rather used to cut. When eating sticky rice, the hands can be used.

The don’ts-what not to do

One should not use the left hand since it’s considered the dirty hand. One should not use their phones while eating, it is considered rude and robs one the chance to interact as meal time is supposed to be enjoyed by everyone. One is not supposed to blow their nose while eating but rather excuse themselves and use the bathroom.


In a nutshell Royal Lancaster London would be the ideal place to try out this cuisine and the organization of the culture in matters concerning food. A good place for holidays.


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